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Meet Kimberly Brown...

Hi, and thank you for visiting TasteWorthy! Where to start? How about, where it all began for me...this picture! I married the love of my life in 2012 and I was my own planner! Was it easy, of course not! However, I have always had a passion for planning and ensuring that things are done in a proper fashion, so I dug right on in. The love that was bestowed upon me by my vendors was something out of the ordinary. It was through several vendor confirmations (and the support of the hubby) that had me begin to consider event planning as a profession. After 2 years of planning events as a hobby, I finally took a leap of faith! January, 2015 I began my Faith walk and left my career as a financial planner to pursue my love for event planning full time.


I am a self taught planner with an impeccable eye for detail. From the invitation a guest receives, to the food they eat; I love when an event perfectly reflects a client's desires...and TasteWorthy does just that!

Tasteworthy is a Dallas based event company that has been bringing clients' visions to life since 2013. We work with a broad range of clients who all want to create the "Event of a Lifetime." Whether your desire is to pull off the wedding of the century, or an intimate gathering with close friends and family, TasteWorthy is the KEY to making it spectacular. We are committed to providing an exceptional Experience by offering our clients comprehensive event planning.


Don't need full planning? Leave it to us to help you create the perfect design or assist with coordination to give that spark that your event deserves. 

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